Sunset Pasta

Scorpionfishpasta-2249Another day, another catch. The weather permits fishing on most days. So I am continuously blessed with fresh fish. Today's blessing: two scorpion fish.  Wanting to do something other than fish soup or baked fish in a foil parcel (al cartoccio),  the dish of the day will be a nice pasta!

Orietta, from the Bottega del Sole e della Luna, in St George’s square gave me some fettuccine to try out. These go wonderfully with fish based sauces. Having the prefect match of pasta, all odds seem to direct me to the same dish. Fettuccine with scorpion fish!

I was running against time. I wanted to catch the right light for the photos. So, just a few basics from the vegetable shop and I shot off to Qbajjar to cook and shoot!

I passed the fish to my father who scaled and cleaned them by the water. Meanwhile, I prepared everything I needed for the sauce. Funnily enough I had my single burner and a small tank of gas still in my car and decided to cook on the veranda. A little crowd of hungry relatives soon gathered around me. All very nice and all very good.

Dad peeled the garlic, I chopped the herbs and tomatoes; a little olive oil and away we go. Simple, fresh seasonal ingredients and you cannot really go wrong.Scorpionfishpasta-2164








The aroma of the cooking makes heads turn. Our friend Salvina, playing "rummy cub" just beneath the verandah, peeks to see what is going on!

Fettuccine cooked al-dente tossed in with the sauce, and the pan is left in the middle! I would not dare serve….so I let them fight for who is having what and how much of it! Just in time for sunset!

Claire Borg



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