Summertime Iced Teas

Summer time on our beautiful island is always a thirsty time, and rather than foist sugary soda drinks on our children i like to make my own home made iced teas, they are much healthier and the lack of sugar saves me from an afternoon of torture from screaming children high on sucrose….

These recipes are all easy to recreate are not expensive and will reward you with there thirst quenching powers.

Claire Borg

Plum Rose and Honey Iced Tea

By 6th June 2013

Having foraged for the last few weeks in and around Gozo, one of my neighbours pointed me in the direction of a wonderful old wild Bullace tree, which hadn't been relieved of its fruit at all. It took me almost an hour to harvest the sweet but almost tarte fruit, however this can be replicated using commercial plums, I actually think this tree was more of a damson than plum but whats a fruit between cousins. The fuit was beautiful and produced a wonderully aromatic drink that was loved by all.





Infuse the teabags for approximately ten minutes then remove, add the honey and stir till dissolved, Add the sliced plum and Lemon, allow to cool, once cooled add the Rose petals then top up with spring water and serve over lots of ice.


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