Pasta with Broad Beans and Olives

broadbean-pasta-fullThere are never enough things to do with Broad Beans before they lose their tender, youthful flavour. This is one of my family favourites, it’s quick to make very economical and it’s a great way of getting fresh veg into my young ones.










Pasta with Broad Beans and Olives

By 19th May 2016

  • Yield : Serves 2


Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions and five minutes before ready add a handful of broad beans into the water. Before draining reserve a ladle full of the water to use with the pasta.  Take about 5 tablespoons of the broad bean paste and in a pan, dissolve with the cooking water from the pasta. Add good quality pitted marinated olives (I used olives in chilli and herbs) and add the pasta and beans. Toss well to cover evenly. Ideally, leave the pasta just a little undercooked and finish off the cooking whilst you are mixing all the ingredients in. A good helping of Pecorino cheese will go beautifully.


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