IMG_9730One moment it’s blistering hot, the next it’s ‘cool’. I have been so busy that I cannot even remember all I have been up to! Well, 3 publications, a trip abroad, many dinners and a few cooking classes. From Summer to Autumn in a heartbeat.

I just realized I had spelt heartbeat as heartbeet! Woops! I know why! It’s the amount of beetroots I have been cooking lately! Overwhelmed by the beet! They are in full bloom here in Gozo. Bunches of beautiful deep purple tubers clustered together and tied in bunches: leaves deep green with veins of bright red. So very pretty indeed.

One of my cooking classes was dedicated to this wonderful vegetable. We ranged from health benefits, to a bit of history, to traditional recipes, the cultures that use it most, to nutritional highlights. They are so very interesting and not only bursting with colour, but bursting with flavour.

During one of my classes, I made a relish,  a juice, and pickled beetroots. I made a soup and even a cake! Wow! So versatile and easy to use.

The marriage of beetroots with my much loved pomegranates must be my absolute favourite. A simple salad with diced cooked beetroot, parsley and cilantro leaves, pomegranates, a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and pepper and a good squeeze of local Gozitan lemon. Could I ask for more? Maybe not!

Claire Borg 

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

By 6th December 2013

I visited friends in Paris and took this cake with me as a token of appreciation. Dan begged me for the recipe. We have labelled it 'The secret Beetroot cake'.He said he will 'try' to make it himself. I have a feeling he is more talented and determined in the music industry than in the kitchen (i have a feeling i shall pay for this statement...but there you go...Dan is a good sport). Check out their web site and their music.... http://thedomusic.com  The band is called The Do. Great music. 

I have used a very good quality cocoa powder. Valhrona. It is the best cocoa i have come across. Must try recipe, must try cocoa. I love Paris. I love Cocoa. I love The Do!



Heat oven to 190C. Place the beetroot in food processor and blitz, or else using a hand blender puree till smooth. Add a pinch of salt and all the ingredients apart from the oil. When completely mixed, add the oil in a steady stream, as if you were making mayonnaise. When all the oil has been added, pour the mix into a lined 900g loaf tin, or 2 tins of 450g. Cook for 40 min or until an inserted skewer comes out clean. Leave the loaf to cool on a rack. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. 



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