Gozitan ‘Omlettes’

 IMG_8947Thank god for laptops. Small enough to carry in my back pack and have a mobile office…even at the back surgeon’s waiting room. Why did I possibly end up here? Maybe cause I carry too much stuff on my back? I keep postponing… but I must buy a trolley. Do I really have to?

Living in the old part of victoria, in a pedestrian zone, means that most of the shopping has to be carried home. It is easy enough to buy little amounts every day, however, once you get to the shops and all the fresh vegetables are on show, seasonal goods, salted cod, cuts of beef hung, fresh eggs, the shining mandarins, chestnuts, big bags of hazelnuts, fresh crusty bread, bunches of beetroot, local grapefruit, spinach, heads of bright green broccoli, fresh local sheep cheese. How could I ever arrive back home with the stick of butter and carton of milk I set out for.

Too many things I want to cook is usually the only set back for me. Some people ask me ‘what can I cook, am out of ideas’. I suffer from the total opposite…. My wish list is too long. And often I settle for a simple recipe to give me time to decide. It is like the calm before the storm. A simple recipe before hell breaks loose in the kitchen!

Two very simple dishes that are a big part of my upbringing, prepared on a regular basis by my parents, are egg based dishes. One with potatoes and eggs, Dad’s forte, and the other one with cooked angel hair pasta and eggs, my Mum’s forte.

My dad used peel and ‘chip’ cut the potatoes and shallow fry them till golden. Then in went the garlic to just cook quickly and release that smell that makes most Mediterraneans’  mouth water… cooked garlic. Eggs and finally a good helping of black pepper and the local sea salt…parsley if it was around.

Then on other times, especially when there was leftover cooked spaghetti or ‘tarja’ (thinner spaghetti), mum made us ‘Froga tat-Tarja’ (spaghetti omlette). We used to wait in line and fight over who’s turn it was to get the next omlette.

I have recently worked on an article on eggs and these two recipes were a must.

Simple, filling, cheap, fresh and tasty home made food. Enjoy….

Claire Borg

Dennis's Frittata

By 11th February 2014

So simple, So tasty... filling, cheap, fresh and tasty home made food. One of my all time favourite comfort foods. 

To make the pasta one, use leftover, cold, spaghetti and mix in with the eggs. Cook as a normal omlette...




Wash and scrub the potatoes. Cut up in sticks (chips). Fry in a little vegetable oil until golden. Drain excess oil, add the garlic and toss to release aroma. Be careful not to burn garlic. Beat the eggs and pour over the potatoes. Sprinkle with parsley and season with sea salt and pepper. Cook until the eggs are set (turning over as a whole, or mixing if you prefer a scrambled type frittata). Serve hot, with fresh crusty bread and salted butter on the side.



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