So much to learn and so little time !
No matter how good you are in the kitchen or how many years you have been cooking, there is always something new to learn. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try a new technique, enjoy new flavours and reclaim the joy of creativity. Mojo’s Bar [ D5 Ltd ] offers bespoke and stepped classes, in simple or advanced cookery depending on your needs, whether your an experienced chef in need of polishing your pastry and baking skills, or simply interested learning more about Gozitan Cookery, we can design a class to meet your needs.

Classes in my kitchen:
Thursday morning are a hive of activity for us, We have a regular cooking class. Cooking with local seasonal ingredients…not only traditional Gozitan stuff, but simple tasty food that can be recreated at home. We usually spend three hours on a class, where we prepare a starter, main and dessert, then we enjoy the food prepared at the end of the class. It varies from home made pasta, to oat and strawberry tarts, soups, bright salads, bakes and tasty simple starters. It all depends on the season and the ingredients available. Supporting local farmers is one of my food ethics when it comes to shopping. We like to keep it local as much as possible.
A personal interest of mine, apart from travelling, is the rediscovering of old local recipes and learning methods that are being lost. Qassatat (local savoury pies) and salted cod stew from Xaghara, pies from Gharb, soups from Ghajnsielem, ‘ftiras’ (local pizzas) from Nadur….each village has some hidden secret and special way of cooking that is unique. Our classes reflect both my interest in old fashioned Gozitan recipes and modern cuisine.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Classes in your kitchen:
We can organise both demonstrations and hands-on classes in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to prepare fun, exciting dishes and new skills in your own kitchen. Allow us to show you while you enjoy an afternoon or evening class with your friends..or why not host your own cookery class party? Class size varies depending on your event. Private cooking lessons are also available and are a great gift for that new bride, the bachelor that can’t boil an egg, or the seasoned cook that wants to perfect a recipe, a skill or a dish.

All classes are provided by Mojo’s Bar ( D5 Ltd ) and your tutor on the day may change.

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