Broad Bean and Endive Pate

IMG_8895-2Its that time of year again when Broad beans start to rear their heads, then flood the shops and our minds with possibilities, here ive made a simple Pate and served it with salad, bacon and poached egg… what more could you possibly want?





Broad Bean and Endive Pate

By 30th March 2016


If the beans are young, there is no need to remove the second skin. Roughly chop the garlic and endive and together with the remaining ingredients, place in a pot, cover and cook for about 25 minutes.  The liquid should have reduced but not totally evaporated. At this point, mash or roughly blend to obtain a course paste of soft consistency.

Serve on toasted bread with rashers of crispy grilled streaky bacon and a poached egg for an ideal Sunday Brunch.




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