Aglio, Olio, Zucchini and Bottarga

bottargaPeople often ask me about this ingredient… Bottarga, it’s quite common in different Mediterranean Cuisines, often used to add a savoury, seafood flavour to dishes, in Sicily it’s made from Tuna but a little further up the road it’s often made from the more common Grey Mullet, making it a little more affordable…







Aglio, Olio, Zucchini and Bottarga

By 11th July 2016


In a large pan, add about 6 tbsp of olive oil and the garlic. Very gently cook making sure you do not burn the garlic. Add a splash of wine, and when it evaporates, the lemon zest and the zucchini and toss all together, cooking for another minute or two. Just before turning off, add a good helping of freshly grated bottarga. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, drain and add to the pan with the 'sauce'. Add more bottarga, the parsley and more oil as needed. Toss well to combine evenly and serve. You can add some chilli flakes if you like a hint of heat.

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